5 Travel Essentials that Men Should Pack

Every traveller cannot avoid the struggle of packing for trip away from home. There are clothes, underwear, accessories, shoes, and toiletries. A woman’s travel essentials have been talked about enough so maybe it’s about time for more blogs talking about travel essentials for men. Women’s clothing and jumpsuits and rompers for women aren’t very much different from the men’s but still, there are few packing tips for men to take note.


Invest in a  bag and packing cubes


The first step of packing is to look for a good quality bag and gold sequin bridesmaid dresses that can fit and protect your clothes while traveling. Some pieces of men’s clothing are made with delicate materials that need careful handling. It’s wise to buy some packing cubes to help maximize the space in your luggage and compress your clothes in a different bag protecting it from other things in your bag.

Bring a lightweight, waterproof wind jacket.

Prepare for a cold and rainy day with a jacket. Make sure it’s light so it won’t add weight risking an over excess at the airport. Some of the brands with good quality jackets you can check out are The North Face, and Columbia.


Pack the right pants.


Depends on where you’re going, you must choose whether you should pack hiking pants, dress pants, board shorts, and regular shorts. Make sure to pack only what you need during your travel so as not to overpack.


Thermal and cotton shirts are a must.


For places where it’s cooler, pack a thermal shirt as a base layer for a man’s outfit. Top it with a windproof jacket or fleece jacket (for temperatures below zero) and you’re good. For warmer places, cotton shirts are your best friends. It’s best to wear cotton in a tropical country like the Philippines or during the summer season in any country as it’s a breathable fabric that makes you feel cooler.


Prepare two kinds of footwear.


Always pack in a pair of flip flops and a pair of walking shoes. Many travellers usually like walking whenever they’re in a new country so they could see and explore more rather than just riding cabs or trains. Bonus packing tip: Wrap your footwear in shower caps to protect your clothes from being stained by the dirt on your shoe soles.

Non-mainstream Ideas to Treasure Memories

Memory (n.) – an image or impression of one that is remembered. Whether or not the memories we have kept in the back of our minds are good, it’s still always a joy taking a trip down memory lane. If it’s a good one, then it would be so heartwarming to come back to that time. If it’s a bad one, it’s fun to laugh it off and be amazed how you survived that one.


Memories we remember aren’t very reliable because as time pass by, we tend to forget little details which may be important to us. There are ways to remember every little detail of that roadtrip back in May or that day the group got stranded on a little town down South. Aside from the common blogging or vlogging, here are some non-mainstream ideas to keep your memories intact.


Go for the old-fashioned photo albums and some plus size swimwear for women. Instead of relying of Facebook and Instagram to dump your photos in, why not print the photos from your camera roll and arrange them in a photo album? Make sure to include candid shots and selfies because these are all part of your past and even if you don’t feel it now, later you’ll be thankful you didn’t delete it. This can be a good way to kill time when the power’s out, or a good conversation starter when you have visitors in your home.


Start a bullet journal. This is kind of a like a combination of scrapbooking and writing daily entries in a diary. It’s where you can stick polaroids with washi tape and glue down movie stubs or convenience store receipts, and write about them of the spaces left. The attachments and the photos help you picture exactly what it looked like before and the writings help you remember what exactly happened. It’s kind a tedious activity to do but very therapeutic for some. It’s the most detailed kind of treasuring memories.


Keep a time capsule. This is a unique way of remembering your days. Keeping a time capsule does not only focus on you but your surroundings as well. Examples of what to keep in time capsules are newspaper headlines, the flower that your crush picked up for you, photos and souvenirs. A time capsule can also be where you can put stuff for your future self or future baby/husband. Examples include a letter to your husband or a floor plan of your dream house. You can also put inside a copy of your favorite movie, or a wrapper of that random candy you tasted.


Reminiscing is a such a good stress reliever. You wouldn’t know that you already missed dinner time because you were busy laughing over the time when your friend accidentally got her teacher’s amazon sterling silver earrings or talk about that $70 you spent on an elegant one piece jumpsuit and tankini swimsuits for women only to have the event cancelled. Either way, it’s always a good time looking back. You should try it sometime!

Three Best Ways to Remember your Travels

Traveller (n.) one that travels. He or she is one who lives by the zipping sounds of luggages, airport announcements and the roaring engine of an airplane. Each new place is a different experience attached with new insights. If you ask me, there a lot of ways to remember all the times you travelled. You can choose one that you enjoy doing such as, writing, photography or film listening to.


What better way to relive your previous travels than to put them on a tangible object with a lot of space to express yourself in ― a journal. A travel journal is like a combination of a diary and a scrapbook of the travels you want to remember. You can write down the trips you’ve taken and the things you’ve learned and some list of women’s clothing stores, as well as stick some souvenirs like ticket stubs, hotel cards, or even tags of the new fashion clothing you bought. It is a collection of your daily adventures, memories, and amazing discoveries.


Another way to remember your adventure time is through photos. Nothing beats a breathtaking while wearing kurt cobain goggles view paused perfectly for you to stare at as long as you want. Captured moments in a beautiful city away from home is something good to have in your camera roll. You may even share your picture perfect memories to your friends on social media. I’m sure Facebook and Instagram won’t mind you flooding your account with photos.


Have you tried being so excited to stay home and binge-watch your favorite series? Well if you’re into filmmaking, then you’ll love binge-watching all your travels as well. Film everything you see around you and put it all in one video. It doesn’t matter if you’re filming your shoes while walking, a store displaying women’s activewear, buying some silver engagement rings for women or food stalls along the street.


Travelling is so much more exciting knowing that you will be able to relive it later if you’re in the mood to look back. Go get that notebook or buy that camera and record all the things you see, hear, taste and discover. It’s time to unleash your creative side and make your trip down memory lane a great session of reminiscing.

About North West Women Fly Fishers

About North West Women Fly Fishers

Northwest Women Flyfishers is dedicated to the promotion, education and support of women in the sport of fly fishing, the encouragement and advocacy of conservation, the increase of wild fish and the restoration of streams and lakes in the Northwest. Our membership is approximately 140 woman.

NWF Conservation Programs: NWF sponsors a semi-annual conservation fund raiser event. The event is supported by Super Cheap Rubbish Removal, members and the fly fishing community that offers cheap plus size swimwear. Money raised by these events supports northwest environmental conservation projects through a NWF Grant Program. Since 1988 NWF have contributed $85,000 and countless hours of work to numerous conservation projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Casting for Recovery: In 2000 a group of NWF members hosted a two-day nationally recognized Casting for Recovery retreat for women recovering from breast cancer. This is an opportunity for woman with breast cancer to experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing through a retreat in a natural setting. Plans are underway to offer this program in 2001.


NWF Newsletter:

A monthly newsletter is published to members. Club outings, meetings and events are detailed in the newsletter as well as educational articles, book reviews, conservation news, and fly fishing updates are included.


Monthly Meetings:

NWF meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the R.E.I. flagship store in Seattle at 7 p.m. at 222 Yale Ave., just off the Stewart Street exit of I-5, they’re very known for there plus size tankini swimsuits. Two exceptions to this schedule are the months of June and August. The June meeting is held at Seattle’s Woodland Park. It is a family oriented picnic. No meeting is held in August so that we have more time to get out and go fishing. At our regular meetings most members come straight from work, and grab dinner at the World Wraps restaurant, located in R.E.I. next to the meeting room. The meal can be brought into the meeting room and enjoyed while visiting with other members. The club librarian sets out a display of the club’s lending library of books, videos, and CDs. A Fly Raffle is held at each meeting. Guest speakers present educational topics at each meeting from 7 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.. Following the educational program, members share fishing reports from recent adventures, and committee members report on activities and projects.