Non-mainstream Ideas to Treasure Memories

Memory (n.) – an image or impression of one that is remembered. Whether or not the memories we have kept in the back of our minds are good, it’s still always a joy taking a trip down memory lane. If it’s a good one, then it would be so heartwarming to come back to that time. If it’s a bad one, it’s fun to laugh it off and be amazed how you survived that one.


Memories we remember aren’t very reliable because as time pass by, we tend to forget little details which may be important to us. There are ways to remember every little detail of that roadtrip back in May or that day the group got stranded on a little town down South. Aside from the common blogging or vlogging, here are some non-mainstream ideas to keep your memories intact.


Go for the old-fashioned photo albums and some plus size swimwear for women. Instead of relying of Facebook and Instagram to dump your photos in, why not print the photos from your camera roll and arrange them in a photo album? Make sure to include candid shots and selfies because these are all part of your past and even if you don’t feel it now, later you’ll be thankful you didn’t delete it. This can be a good way to kill time when the power’s out, or a good conversation starter when you have visitors in your home.


Start a bullet journal. This is kind of a like a combination of scrapbooking and writing daily entries in a diary. It’s where you can stick polaroids with washi tape and glue down movie stubs or convenience store receipts, and write about them of the spaces left. The attachments and the photos help you picture exactly what it looked like before and the writings help you remember what exactly happened. It’s kind a tedious activity to do but very therapeutic for some. It’s the most detailed kind of treasuring memories.


Keep a time capsule. This is a unique way of remembering your days. Keeping a time capsule does not only focus on you but your surroundings as well. Examples of what to keep in time capsules are newspaper headlines, the flower that your crush picked up for you, photos and souvenirs. A time capsule can also be where you can put stuff for your future self or future baby/husband. Examples include a letter to your husband or a floor plan of your dream house. You can also put inside a copy of your favorite movie, or a wrapper of that random candy you tasted.


Reminiscing is a such a good stress reliever. You wouldn’t know that you already missed dinner time because you were busy laughing over the time when your friend accidentally got her teacher’s amazon sterling silver earrings or talk about that $70 you spent on an elegant one piece jumpsuit and tankini swimsuits for women only to have the event cancelled. Either way, it’s always a good time looking back. You should try it sometime!