Three Best Ways to Remember your Travels

Traveller (n.) one that travels. He or she is one who lives by the zipping sounds of luggages, airport announcements and the roaring engine of an airplane. Each new place is a different experience attached with new insights. If you ask me, there a lot of ways to remember all the times you travelled. You can choose one that you enjoy doing such as, writing, photography or film listening to.


What better way to relive your previous travels than to put them on a tangible object with a lot of space to express yourself in ― a journal. A travel journal is like a combination of a diary and a scrapbook of the travels you want to remember. You can write down the trips you’ve taken and the things you’ve learned and some list of women’s clothing stores, as well as stick some souvenirs like ticket stubs, hotel cards, or even tags of the new fashion clothing you bought. It is a collection of your daily adventures, memories, and amazing discoveries.


Another way to remember your adventure time is through photos. Nothing beats a breathtaking while wearing kurt cobain goggles view paused perfectly for you to stare at as long as you want. Captured moments in a beautiful city away from home is something good to have in your camera roll. You may even share your picture perfect memories to your friends on social media. I’m sure Facebook and Instagram won’t mind you flooding your account with photos.


Have you tried being so excited to stay home and binge-watch your favorite series? Well if you’re into filmmaking, then you’ll love binge-watching all your travels as well. Film everything you see around you and put it all in one video. It doesn’t matter if you’re filming your shoes while walking, a store displaying women’s activewear, buying some silver engagement rings for women or food stalls along the street.


Travelling is so much more exciting knowing that you will be able to relive it later if you’re in the mood to look back. Go get that notebook or buy that camera and record all the things you see, hear, taste and discover. It’s time to unleash your creative side and make your trip down memory lane a great session of reminiscing.